Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services which include Canopy Extraction, Hood Extraction, Ducting Extraction , Filters, Extractor Fans which are available to all types of commercial premises. Regular cleaning of the Canopy or Hood Extraction will remove all carbon, grease and fatty deposits. This will help reduce the risk of fire and also improve airflow and ventilation in the kitchen.

Deep Cleaning Professionals

All work is completed according to the recommendations of the South African National Standards (S.A.N.S. 1850 / 2014). Our staff are all trained in occupational health and safety. We are registered with SEESA NO/CPA NO11-4068 and comply with the Consumer Protection Act and also SEESA Labour (11-36515-1). We have a Broad based BEE status of level 4 (Certificate Nr. 21013.0)

Regular Services & Cleaning

Regular Services and Cleaning are an essential part of all commercial kitchen extraction and ducting systems. Under normal conditions grease and other flammable material build up in the cooker hood and your extraction duct system. This is the most common cause of fire in commercial kitchens. Ensure you comply with insurance and safety regulations.

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Fully Equipped Vehicles

No job is too big for our fully equipped commercial cleaning vehicles. From commercial restaurants to industrial factories we can help you.       

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Dedicated Teams 

Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best service and we go out of our way to ensure that your cleaning job is to the highest standards.      

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24 Years Experience

Establish in 2004, we have over 24 years experience in ducting and motor cleaning, commercial and industrial kitchens & extraction canopy cleaning.